Empowering people with
neurological disorders

Our product helps patients form stronger partnerships with their healthcare professionals and empowers them to actively take part in managing their conditions.

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Supporting both sides of the treatment equation

Our digital platform simultaneously keeps patients and their medical teams up to speed. It provides patients with an informed voice — while giving healthcare providers a multi-dimensional treatment picture.

An advanced approach

We support evidence-based medicine by making valuable real-time data available. This includes data capture from patient-reports and integrated device sensors.

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Making data matter

As a medical device, our platform doesn’t just collect data. It intelligently consolidates data into a patient-specific, web-based dashboard. This offers meaningful information to healthcare professionals and researchers, while increasing patient involvement.

A new level of

Our innovations support an unprecedented level of empowerment in neurological care. Healthcare professionals are empowered to spend more time connecting with patients because they are less occupied with time-consuming tasks, such as notetaking. Patients achieve a new level of empowerment by becoming an integral part of their own care, as they help share and gain insights from their data.

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