Our mission.

Our mission is to continually elevate Neurology’s ability to better care for patients and empower them to confidently overcome their challenges.

What brought
Neuroventis to life

Suffering without progress

Neurological disorders can take a heavy toll. For instance, with epilepsy, a single seizure can cause irreparable brain damage. Unfortunately, there is another, lesser-known accompanying tragedy—the failure to capture data about neurological episodes and the care provided. Because without this kind of data, the high-cost hardships that people with these conditions face cannot be transformed into information that improves treatment outcomes.

About Neuroventis

When it's someone you love

It’s one thing to talk about these disorders. It’s another thing to watch a family member struggle with one. One of our company founders watched his brother cope with epilepsy for years. For this founding member, who has a background in software development, it was painful to see his brother’s data not being put to good use. He knew there had to be a better way to connect the dots for his brother. There had to be a way to help his brother, along with his doctors, leverage not just his information but all relevant information available—all at once.

The background to make a difference

This key Neuroventis founder resolved to use his background to develop software that would help push the field of Neurology in a brighter, more cohesive direction. What started as a few lines of programming code, turned into the recruitment of a team that was equally passionate about improving the state of Neurology as a whole. Ultimately, Neuroventis was formed and its many achievements to date showcase the drive and personal commitment that everyone in our group brings to the table.

Our Vision.

We envision a world where patients are not defined by their neurological conditions but consider them something they can manage.

We've come a long way- and
we're just getting started

Our technology leverages a blend of self-reported data and sensors, digital tools, data engineering, and behavioral science. This powerful combination has accelerated our progress in supporting everyone involved with the field of Neurology. Here are some of our accomplishments to date:


Helpilepsy, our first software application, was launched. It immediately began generating valuable data that continues to help healthcare professionals and people with epilepsy achieve more with treatment.


Building on 2 years of success with Helpilepsy, we then launched MigraineManager, to bring the same unique benefits to the realm of headache treatment.

Highlights of our achievements include:

11 countries

with active users of the Neuroventis Platform


patients supported by Helpilepsy and MigraineManager


healthcare professionals engaging with the Neuroventis Dashboard


seizures reported


headache episodes recorded

CE About
The Neuroventis Platform is a CE-marked medical device provided by Neuroventis BV, a
certified ISO13485 compliant entity by IMQ instituto under the European Directive 93/42/EEC.