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Neuroventis Dashboard is part of the Neuroventis Platform, which is a CE-marked medical device and contains also an application for patients. With the Neuroventis Dashboard, the aim is to help you in monitoring, understanding and manage the neurological disorder of your patients. Your patients use the application to better understand and self-manager their epilepsy.

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To maintain the safety of our application and/or Services and improve them, as well as to create statistics.
Lawful basis: “legitimate interest” of Neuroventis to improve the Application and/or Services.

In order to manage your account on the application and to make sure you can enjoy the application and the services related to the application fully.
Lawful basis: on the execution of the agreement which you requested;

In order to properly and easily address or notify you, or to be addressed by you. Also, to be able to follow up on your communication to us
Lawful basis: execution of the agreement, which you requested;

Health-related information will be processed by Neuroventis, so you are able to use the application and/or Services.
Lawful basis: based on the execution of our agreement; or in case the information was retrieved from third-party devices and services, upon your (explicit and preliminary) consent.

Neuroventis may use your personal data to send you marketing material as well as other material relating to Neuroventis , her products and/or services Lawful basis: based on upon your (explicit and preliminary) consent.


You are not required to pay any charge for exercising your rights. If you make a request, we will answer in a reasonable time frame.

You have the right to freely obtain at any moment access to your personal data, as well as to be informed about the purpose of the processing by Neuroventis .

You have the right to rectification, erasure or restriction your personal data.

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You have the right to withdraw consent.

You have the right to request not to be subject to automated decisions and profiling

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We have strict internal processes to make sure our IT infrastructure is safe and our team handles your information , responsibly .

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Your information is stored in a secure server of AWS in Frankfurt, Germany, no transfer of your personally identifiable data is happening outside the European economic area.


Neuroventis BV, with registered offices in Belgium, Groeneweg 35A, 3090 Overijse, and company number 0671.531.790, (hereinafter “Neuroventis”) will process your Personal Data gathered through the Neuroventis platform (the “Neuroventis Platform”) and takes responsibility for the processing of your personal data on the Dashboard.

For further questions, if you have any questions about how your Personal Data are processed, you can contact the data protection officer of Neuroventis at .

The Neuroventis platform , is a medical device class I under Council Directive 93/42/EEC.

After 30 years of inactivity, we will delete the personal data. If you’re not using the platform anymore, we’ll contact you every 3 years (at least) to ask if you still wish us to keep the data.