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All of us at Neuroventis are dedicated to each other and those who depend on our products. That means the decisions we make, the work we do, and the way we work is never “just business”.

From patients and caregivers to healthcare teams, they all deserve unique support that is truly just for them. That’s why we are not afraid of entering uncharted territory to develop tailored products that stand out. Breaking new ground means never shying away from challenging the status quo — especially when it can make a meaningful difference.

Our products have the potential to make a meaningful impact in the world of neurology, something we do not take lightly. That’s why our decision-making considers the perspectives and needs of everyone we work with. We strive to treat each other and anyone we encounter like what they are — people who matter

Our team admits there is always more to know and welcomes opportunities to grow and learn. We are constantly expanding our knowledge base with open minds and open ears, as we create real progress in the field of neurology and for everyone it touches. We are relentless pathfinders.

At Neuroventis, we embrace an atmosphere of productive dissent. Bringing unfiltered ideas to the table is an essential step in our growth process. But it is our honest conversations that shape raw concepts into offerings that advance the field of Neurology.

Advancing neurology as
a team

Our diverse, talented team keeps pushing us to new heights. Members come from various professions and backgrounds. Yet we are all united by the same drive to improve the lives of people with neurological disorders.

Jonathan Schreiber20210108084751

Jonathan Schreiber

Co-Founder & CEO
Ludovic Ampe20210108085049

Ludovic Ampe

Co-Founder & Strategic Growth Lead
Tássia Abreu20210107052753

Tássia Abreu

Office Manager
Alison Accarie20210107052944

Alison Accarie

Clinical Project Manager
Aleksandra Angelova20210107053046

Aleksandra Angelova

Software Quality Engineer
Berkan Alci20210107053126

Berkan Alci

Software Engineer
Fernando Baboni20210525100608

Fernando Baboni

IT Security Officer
Ioana Bodea20210525121153

Ioana Bodea

Quality Assurance Associate
Amandine Brewaeys20210526023614

Amandine Brewaeys

Market Access Manager
Peter Dedeken, MD20210526023825

Peter Dedeken, MD

Clinical Expert
Lio De Winde20210526023915

Lio De Winde

Product Lead
Ugo Desmouling20210526024012

Ugo Desmouling

Market Access Manager
Felix Frimpong20210526024110

Felix Frimpong

Software Engineer
Theodoros Kalogeropoulos20210526024154

Theodoros Kalogeropoulos

Software Engineer
Michael Poppe20210526024310

Michael Poppe

Quality & Regulatory Lead
Ádám Schmidt, MD20210526024428

Ádám Schmidt, MD

Hungarian Representative
Gauthier Verhaegen20210526024812

Gauthier Verhaegen

Product Owner
Rahul Verma20210623161456

Rahul Verma

QA Engineer
Kevin Voss20210624101512

Kevin Voss

Clinical Project Manager

Board of directors



, diversity of thought starts at the top. Our board of directors features an array of professional experience, from several unrelated disciplines. This variety of perspectives is key to helping us forge a unique path forward in neurological care.

Jonathan Schreiber20210108084751

Jonathan Schreiber

Co-Founder & CEO
Ludovic Ampe20210108085049

Ludovic Ampe

Co-Founder & Strategic Growth Lead
Jo Dumortier20210108095636
Pieter Gillis20210108095930